ANTH 101

9:50:00 PM

If you take an ANTH 101 course, you will discover that anthropology is the study of culture. What is culture? Well, culture is the shared practices, values, beliefs, attitudes, etc. of a group, organization or community. Now dear reader, you are probably wondering what exactly this blog will be about. With a title like "Urban Anthropology", you may assume it is about my academic pursuits in the field of anthropology (that is after all my major). But to me, anthropology is more than what I study in the classroom: it has shaped the way I see the world. Culture encompasses food, dress, religion, and other aspects of the human experience. This blog is a way for me to share lifestyle tips and musings. It's a fashion/food/design blog. A blog about the things that inspire me. Its about learning how to make Aloo Gobi or how I made that pair of gray jeans work in my wardrobe. This is a life style blog.

Now for the "urban" aspect of this blog. You may ask, "where exactly does that fit in?". To be honest, I love cities. I love Cleveland despite it's crippling depression and the worst decision ever made (ehem, Lebron, I'm talking about that "Decision") . It was where I was raised and I will always love the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, going to the Jake, and seeing a show at Playhouse Square. I love Denver, the "Mile High City" and one of the coolest places in the world. I love Lewiston, my college town. You might argue that its not a real city, but let me remind you that its the second largest city in Maine. I love Durban, my home for 4 months out of my junior year. How could I not love the city where I lived both in an amazing home stay and in a penthouse beachfront apartment? I love Cape Town for its scenic views and cosmopolitan flair. I love New Delhi and all of its color and chaos. I love Florence for its history and amazing food. Really, I love all of these cities for so many more reasons, but if I keep listing them I will bore you. But the point is, I love city life. I love how cultures meet in cities. There are so many things to see, do and learn.

So here it is, "Urban Anthropology": my blog on food, fashion, design, and other aspects of culture that inspire me.

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