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MAD FOR MAD MEN by lelsmore featuring a 60's inspired dresses.

So yes, I've jumped on the band wagon (Thank you Netflix for having the past 4 seasons for me to watch). I'm OBSESSED with Mad Men: the drama, the romance, and especially the fashion. The cocktail dresses, the work wear, and even the pjs the women wear on the show are divine! I've fallen in love with the hourglass shaped dresses that really flatter a variety of figures. The website really specializes in more vintage inspired fits and cuts. Here are a few of my favorites!

$100 -
I ADORE the leopard print. Typically, I'm not a fan of not natural looking animal prints. However, this one works.

$98 -
A more casual dress, I can totally picture wearing this one with a white or yellow cardigan. The floral print is fun without being too overwhelming!

Emily and Fin a line dress
$78 -
Beautiful coral color. It also cinches at the perfect spot to create an hourglass figure

Irregular Choice retro heels
$35 -
Really retro pumps! The heal height is perfect too!

Irregular Choice retro heels
$35 -
A more grown up looking Mary-Jane style shoe

Vintage shoes
$60 -
I love leopard print (as I've said before and I will probably say again) This would add a wild twist to an outfit with a more classic silhouette.

Holiday Sneak Peek Classic Stunner Dress
$92 -
Can't you imagine Betty Draper (or should I say Betty Francis) wearing this subtly sexy cocktail dress to a Christmas party? I love how luxe the brocade makes this dress feel.

blushing posies bow heels
$40 -
Blush colored shoes are really in for this season. They have a vintage feel but still maintain some modernity, keeping a 60s inspired look fresh and not dated.

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