Sweet Dreams

8:05:00 PM

Sweet Dreams
As real life fast approaches, I'm dreaming about the cute little apartment I will hopefully have later this year. Although I still don't know what city I'll be living in or what law school I'll be attending, the idea that I'll have a cozy little place all to my own gets me so excited. Although most of these items are way out of my budget, a girl can dream! I'm starting a lookbook to start thinking about the styles I love and how to make them work together. One piece I'd love to invest in is a big worn leather armchair like the one from Anthropologie. I adore the idea of looking out my window bordered by airy curtains. I hope to mix classic furniture like the bed from Crate&Barrel mixed with boho sheets and sari printed pillows. Something to look forward to as I anxiously wait to hear my fate from all my law schools!

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