Music Pick of the Week

8:18:00 AM

It's almost Valentine's Day. Normally, I'm pretty apathetic towards this holiday. Sure it essentially celebrates chocolate and romantic gestures, things I do in fact appreciate. But it happens during a really crazy time of year here at Bates. It always falls right around lacrosse tryouts, and this year it is the same day as our pre-tryouts athletic testing (Valentine's day blowties anyone?). Midterms are creeping up on my agenda. Overall, it's a stressful time of year. And oh yes, typically I'm just a single girl being reminded that this is a holiday about love and romance, things that are typically not a part of my daily life. So most Valentine's days are spent eating chocolate by myself post-lacrosse practice. However something's a little different this year. I'm actually looking forward to the holiday because I plan on maybe spending a little bit of time with a special someone. In honor of this lovely holiday and my new attitudes towards it, I feel like celebrating with a little Beyonce. Fierce and fabulous as always, her song "Countdown" is an upbeat love song (that also makes a great workout song). Also, her video resembles an American Apparel Ad. Hope you love this video as much as I do!

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