Spring Break 2012

9:02:00 PM

I just arrived back in Lewiston after a fantastic week playing lacrosse in sunny Vero Beach, Florida. It was nice to escape from the cold and grey of a Maine late-winter/early-spring. As a spring athlete, I've never been on your typical college-kid, going to Mexico, making bad decisions kind of spring break

Source: piccsy.com via Leah on Pinterest

nor have I thrown glitter like Ke$ha.

Despite this fact, playing lacrosse in Florida (as well as a pretty adequate amount of beach time and pool time) ended up being one of the best breaks I could have asked for. Amazing weather, a quirky hotel, and my awesome teammates made this the best spring break I've been on in a long time.

Hello, Atlantic!

So dear readers, what did you do this break or what do you plan on doing for your spring break? Hope you find warm weather, fun times, or a combination of the two!

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