Music Pick of the Week

5:40:00 PM

Hello! Hello!
It's been a while since I've updated my blog. My bad. Anyways, as my thesis deadline looms in the near future I've been dedicating less and less time to blogging. So, as a quick little study break, I've decided to post not one, but two videos to make up for missing the Music Pick of the Week last week.

Something Old:
The Thrills-Not for all the Love in the World

Ok, so this is a pretty old song. I first heard the Thrills opening for Maroon5 when I was a freshman in high school, so yes a very long time ago. Even though they had a ton of technical difficulties during that performance, I could tell that this was a band that I would eventually love. I especially love the video: anytime there's dancing I'm happy. It makes me miss modern dance. Even though my dance days are over, I still want to choreograph a piece to this song. Maybe someday.

Something New:
Young the Giant-Cough Syrup

Yes, this too is kind of a depressing song. Can you blame me, I'm trying to finish thesis. Anywhoo, Young the Giant is one of my new favorite bands. You should also check out their song "My Body" if you haven't already. I love the video for this and can listen to this song on repeat while cranking out a media analysis of public health interventions. Hope you like it!

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