By the Bay Mint Lemonade

6:03:00 AM

It's been a hectic few weeks! The last few moments of senior year flew by and the swell of emotions has subsided (at least for a little while). Before one of the most hectic summers of my life, my parents, my brother, my boyfriend and I kept it chill in Trenton, Maine (near Bar Harbor). We've spent the week sleeping in, cooking delicious seafood, and just hanging out. Another major component of the week was making cocktails (it was a vacation after all). Here's one of the cocktail recipes my mom and I came up with. 

By the Bay Lemonade   

Lemonade (We used Newman's Own All-Natural Lemonade) 
2 sprigs of fresh mint 
1 shot of rum Seltzer water Ice Tools: a muddler 
1) In a glass, muddle the mint leaves. 
2) Add a scoopful of ice to the glass 
3) Add a shot of rum (or more if you prefer) 
4) Fill the glass halfway with lemonade 
5) Fill the rest of the glass with seltzer water 
6) Stir it up and enjoy!

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