Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: the Summer of Trips Continues

2:54:00 PM

                              Source: via Leah on Pinterest

Greetings Readers!

Yesterday I got home from Istanbul and it was definitely an incredible experience! However, since I leave on road trip #4 of the summer tomorrow I'll have to wait to write about it.  Today was spent packing up the car and getting ready for the long haul. Tomorrow we depart from Cleveland and arrive in Saint Louis for the night. Then off to Denver to stay with my mom for a few weeks.  I miss Denver and I can't wait to see the beautiful Rockies again. Any suggestions for some road trip activities? I will be in a car somewhere around 20 hours over the next two days and could use some suggestions! Also helpful because I will be doing another road trip later this summer.... Thanks!


                                                                            (If only my car were this quaint and this well organized....)

                                                                                            Source: via Leah on Pinterest


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