MOCA Cleveland

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When I was back in Cleveland I got a chance to visit the brand new MOCA Cleveland.  I highly recommend checking it out! It's small and only has two gallery spaces but it's a beautiful building with an impressive collection.  Pieces like "The Orbit" by David Altemjd have countless details that take time to absorb and to appreciate.   Major installations such as "Caramboxido" by Henrique Oliveria take your breath away.  His work seems larger than life.  Walead Beshty's piece was one of my personal favorites.  It was a simple concept: two boxes made of copper shipped to the museum via FedEx.  However, what made the piece intriguing was the artist's choice of material because it showed all the ways the boxes were touched.  The fingerprints of many postal workers, scratches and scrapes from the shipping process, and shipping labels were prominently displayed.  Such a beautifully simple symbol of both the connections between strangers and the process of getting from here to there.  Hope you enjoy some of the photos I took.  For more information about MOCA Cleveland and upcoming exhibits, look here.


Exploring David Altmejd's "The Orbit"

Walead Beshty
"16-inch Copper (FedEx© Kraft Box ©2005 FEDEX 330504 REV 10/05 SSCC). Priority Overnight, Los Angeles-Beverly Hills, trk#848232311426, December 16-17, 2011, Standard Overnight, Beverly Hills-Cleveland, trk #800105416430, September 20-21., 2012, 2011"

"Caramboxido" by Henrique Oliveria

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