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Finals week. As a student those words are enough to elicit a strong shudder and an overwhelming sense of fear.  It's the moment of truth, the chance to prove to your professors you know what's going on and that you've actually learned something this past semester.  This year, finals week has a whole new significance.  Law school finals make or break your grade in a VERY big way.  For the majority of my classes, my final grade is my only grade.  Never have I ever felt that my intelligence was solely based on one grade until now.  It's absolutely terrifying.  I'm so scared that I'm strangely calm about the whole thing.  Maybe it won't hit me until grades are published? Anyways, wish me luck! I have one exam under my belt and 3 more to go!  If you're a student too, good luck with your final exams! If you're not a student, I'm very jealous...

And for fellow law students, a little law school humor (especially appropriate because all 1L's at my law school have our Torts exam next!)

                                                     Source: via Leah on Pinterest

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