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It's hard for me to resist buying jewelry. Classics like pearl necklaces and simple studs are perfect for work or formal events. Big, bold and beautiful statement necklaces or drop earrings are perfect for spicing up a neutral outfit. I have jewelry from most of my international adventures because it's impossible for me to leave a market without something shiny. As my collection grows, I keep looking for fun ways to both keep it organized and display it. Here are a few ideas that I'm loving.

a beautiful apothecary jar displays bold bangles and cocktail rings in a decorative way.

Source: imgfave.com via Leah on Pinterest

An old rake is a fun and resourceful way to hang up necklaces.

I love this idea of a simple branch as a hanger.

A beautiful tray is perfect for keeping your essentials within reach while also displaying them proudly.  

A lucite bracelet holder allows bold pieces to attract attention 
(bonus points for the tray for watches in the corner)

What are your favorite ways to display your jewelry? Any creative ways you suggest? I'm all ears! 

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