Decide that you want it.

8:20:00 PM

                                             Source: via Leah on Pinterest

Wise words from funny man Bill Cosby.  It's true: if you decide it's worth it and that you want it the fears become far more manageable.  I've reached that point in my post-grad life where I've realized that I'm now (sort of) an adult and every choice I make concerning my education and career will have consequences that will impact the rest of my life.  That's terrifying.  I'm a control freak and I hate making mistakes.  Even when I make the right choice I still end up thinking about all of the "what ifs".  As I look to all the choices I've made and the ones my friends have made, I wonder if law school right after college was the best choice for me.  Was I mature enough? Could I have used some time to "find myself"?  Regardless, it's a decision I've made and I need to accept it and never look back.  I've already written about New Years Resolutions but after seeing this quote I've decided to come up with one more: Owning my decisions.  My goal this year is to make choices with no regrets and to live my life looking to the future.  It's far too easy to decide that it's too hard or not worth it.   Wanting something despite the doubts and the apprehension takes courage and hard work. I hope that both wanting it and working hard will make all these post-grad fears diminish. 


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