Funny Lady

5:30:00 PM

Mindy Kaling is one of my heroes.  She's beautiful, smart, sassy, and so funny.  She does everything with such an amazing sense of confidence.  I love her character on "The Office" and I'm hooked on her new show "The Mindy Project".  Recently, my mom let me borrow her copy of Kaling's book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)".  It's her memoir and it is filled with hysterical and poignant stories of her triumphs and pitfalls.  She reflects on her upbringing as the child of Indian immigrants, her chubby days, and the beginning of her career as a writer and actress.  I was reading it on a plane and found myself trying to contain my laughter.  Her stories are funny because they're the right mix of honest and exaggerated.  You'll find yourself relating to her stories of love, work, growing up, and friendship. If you're looking for a funny and motivational book, I highly recommend it! 

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In keeping with the feel good, funny lady genre the next book on my list is  "Bossy Pants" by Tina Fey.  Reviews to come.

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