New Year. New Goals.

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Happy 2013!

Did you have a fun night? My family and I had a blast at Comedy Works (if you're a Denver native or just visiting I highly recommend going to a show either downtown or at the Greenwood Village club).  Greg Warren was hysterical and I loved local comedian Troy Walker (who is also a recent law school grad!).  Afterwards my boyfriend and I ended up going home and watching old timey movies while sipping champagne.  Call me boring but it was the perfect way to end 2012.  What did you end up doing? 

The biggest thing that comes with a new year is a list of New Years resolutions.  This year I'm trying to keep mine simple:

1) Do little things that make me happy- I spend far too much time stressed and overwhelmed (don't we all?).  This year, I want to try to pick one fun activity, big or small, per week.  Whether it's visiting a museum or reading a book for fun (first on the list is this one), I want to enjoy the little things in life.

2) Live healthy- I want to keep up my goal of working out 4-6 times a week and incorporate fun new workouts (maybe Tae Kwan Do or a spin class).  I want to continue to eat healthy and enjoy quality homemade dishes with fresh ingredients.  I also want to stay healthy emotionally: to take a break when I need one and sleep more.

3) Stay in touch- I'm finding it really challenging trying to keep in touch with all of my college friends.  We all have such busy post-grad lives.  This year, I want to make an effort to skype, text, call, and email all my friends all over the globe.

What are your resolutions?

                                                  Source: via Leah on Pinterest

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