The Meaning of Life

10:57:00 AM

                              Source: via Leah on Pinterest

My friend Meghan shared this article from the Atlantic and I wanted to share it with you.  It discusses living a life of happiness versus living a life with meaning.  Considering the recent amount of internal philosophical debates I've been having about the purpose of my being and what I want to do in life, this article hits close to home.   As I question who I am and what I want out my existence, I hope that I choose the path of a life with meaning.  I hope that I can find a career helping others and a life's mission that keeps me satisfied emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  As I start making big decisions, I want to remember the sentiments addressed in this article.  Happiness is important, but it isn't everything.  I hope you read it (and enjoy it) too. 

                              Source: via Leah on Pinterest

"By putting aside our selfish interests to serve someone or something larger than ourselves -- by devoting our lives to "giving" rather than "taking" -- we are not only expressing our fundamental humanity, but are also acknowledging that that there is more to the good life than the pursuit of simple happiness." -Emily Esfahani Smith in "There's More to Life than Being Happy"

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