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Hope your week is off to a great start!

I had a four day weekend thanks to an unusual St. Louis snow storm.  My bf was in town and he and I spent tons of time checking out some awesome things around the city.  Here's a list of some places (mostly restaurants) around STL you should check out!


1. Pi Pizzeria
Some of the most delicious artisan pizzas I've ever eaten. They're known for their deep dish pie but personally, I love their thin crust.  They pair flavors so well and I can almost guarantee you'll love their pizzas.  Also, they have a great selection of drinks and some awesome happy hour deals.  I've been to the CWE and the Loop locations and they both have the perfect atmosphere for meeting up with friends or a casual date.

2. Sweetie Pie's
Ok. For all you die hard Sweetie Pie's fans out there, please don't kill me when I say the food isn't the best comfort food I've ever had (I think Pappy's has the best BBQ/comfort food in STL).  However, I will give them props where it is deserved:  they serve the all the classics in big portions and their changing menu has a great variety.  I didn't love the fried catfish but I think next time I'll try the meatloaf or short ribs.  When it comes to side dishes, their mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, and cornbread were my favorites.   It is an awesome environment with a prime location in the Grove and it is so cool to see film crews at the restaurant (We saw the crew for Destination America there).  There's also a show on Oprah's network about the restaurant!

3. The Fountain on Locust
The Fountain on Locust has some of the best milkshakes I've ever had.  My boyfriend got a classic chocolate shake and I opted for an after-dinner mint shake.  Both were absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to go back and try some of their fun boozy ice cream concoctions like a Guinness float or their champagne mimosa with orange sherbet.  

1. The City Museum
The City Museum is chaotic in the best way possible.  Housed in the old International Shoe Factory (relevant to all you law school students, what up CIV PRO!) this museum is basically a giant playground with tunnels, ladders, slides, and other interactive exhibits.  Although my bf and I struggled to wiggle our way through some of the more child-friendly tunnels we had a blast.  The 10 story slide was probably my favorite part of the whole museum.  Although it's fun in the winter, I think we'll go back in the summer to check out all of the cool stuff they have on the roof.  All in all, an awesome choice for an active date.  (P.S it's open late on weekends!)

Can't wait to check out more places around the city!


Sorry there aren't any pictures from our adventures around town! We were too busy having fun. 

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