Coffee Table Styling

8:23:00 AM

I think what you have on your coffee table says a lot about you and your style.  As I develop my personal approach to home decor, I want to create an environment that is cozy, bright, and inviting.  I love having people over for more relaxed events so I've been trying to create a space that is comfortable but still stylish. I love mixes of bright colors, natural elements, and some fun room accessories.  Do you have cool books? Fun items from when you traveled abroad? Some beautiful blooms? Granted, I'm just a grad school student so I don't have the funds to splurge on gorgeous coffee table books or other more luxe touches but I'm looking to these ideas for inspiration to decorate my own coffee table. 

Tablescape - A rustic coffee table decorated with books and natural objects


Which one is your favorite?

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