Personal Pizza

6:37:00 PM

Tonight for dinner I wanted to something quick and simple.  After rumaging around my kitchen I whipped up an incredibly simple staple with a twist: a personal pizza using garlic naan as the crust.  Here's how I did it.

Frozen Garlic Naan (I used the Trader Joe's variety)
Marinara Sauce
Goat Cheese
Italian seasoning
Crushed red pepper

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.  Place the frozen naan on a pan covered with tin foil (for an easy clean up).  Top it with marinara sauce and add Italian seasonings.  Next, you know what to do: top your pizza with whatever you want.  I loved the combonation of arugula, mushrooms, and goat cheese but there are so many other ideas.  If you like a chewier crust, bake for 5 minutes.  If you like a crispy crust, bake for about 7 minutes.

It was such a light dinner.  The naan had the perfect texture to work as a pizza crust.  What combos would you like to try? Other ideas for more innovative pizza crusts?

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