7:39:00 PM

I'm feeling so antsy.  I've definitely become a nomad over the past few years and if I'm stuck in one place too long I get serious wanderlust. I keep looking up tickets to Marrakech and Fez (my dream vacation) which is a harsh reminder of the high cost of getting up and going places.  Luckily, I have a weekend trip planned to NYC to visit some college friends and then a trip up to Maine for a week in the woods with my love in May.  I feel like I'm counting down the minutes.  And as I spend countless hours thinking about the meaning of my life and what I want to do long-term, I realize that I want to travel.  I want to interact with people from various countries and backgrounds.  I want to improve the world I live in.  After being down in the dumps for months, I'm finally feeling like I have a purpose again.  Although I'm still figuring it all out, it's exciting to think of all the possibilities.  And hopefully I can start saving up the big bucks to go out and do some serious exploration.

Any advice on career paths that entail travel and international relations? 

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