Music Pick of the Week

7:18:00 PM

Last year I posted about how excited I am for Baz Lurhman's "The Great Gatsby" to hit theaters. It was delayed (originally it was supposed to be released this past winter) but now it's coming to theaters in May. I'm ecstatic! Rumors also indicate that the soundtrack will be phenomenal which isn't shocking considering how incredible the soundtrack was for "Moulin Rouge".  I've been in love with that film and especially its soundtrack since the film came out back in 2001.  My preteen self was obsessed with the ornate costumes, hyper-romantic ballads, and Nicole Kidman's fiery red hair.  And yes, I didn't know at the time that the film was about a brothel. 

The first song to hit the web for this film version of "The Great Gatsby" is a beautiful ballad by Lana Del Rey called "Young & Beautiful".  I'm absolutely obsessed with it.  Apparently Queen B, Jay-Z, Florence + the Machine and several other major artists will be on the soundtrack too.   

What do you think?

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