Denver Day Hikes

10:09:00 AM

One of the best parts of living in the Mile High City is having so many options for outdoor activities. Drive an hour or two from my house and you can find yourself in pristine ski country, near a mountain stream for an afternoon picnic, or in the Rocky Mountain National Park. 

 Garden of the Gods
Photo Credit: Leah Elsmore 2013

However, finding information on some of the lesser known hiking trails can be a challenge.  When trying to find new places to explore I stumbled upon this website: Day Hikes Near Denver.  With categories like drive time, beauty, maps, difficulty, and distance, it's easy to find the perfect trail.  The best part is that there's information on each trail and helpful warnings so you can be prepared.  If you live in Denver or are planning a trip to Denver, I highly suggest you check out this website before planning a hike.

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