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11:46:00 PM

The first week back to work after a vacation is always brutal.  This week has been especially tough: my list of responsibilities at work is growing and I'm still trying to figure out how to balance it all.  As a result, I plan on spending this weekend relaxing and catching up on much needed sleep.

Here's a little weekend reading:

1. I've seen this picture all over the internet so I was thrilled that Jezebel ran an article about it.  If you haven't seen it yet, it's a picture of a man brushing his young daughter's hair while carrying his baby on his chest.  It's a precious moment that shows a parent being a parent in every day circumstances.  However there's been a major uproar over the fact that he's a dad that's involved and because he is a black male with mixed children.  It's a wake up call that traditional gender norms in America are still so rigid and that racism is alive and well.  As someone who is considered "mixed" it's extremely discouraging.  You should definitely check out his blog.  I dare you to not to tear up reading DDW Nation.

2.  A wonderful article written from the perspective of a woman who wasn't vaccinated as a child and all of the health problems she faced. 

3. An interesting piece on end of life care.

4. Long distance relationships can work according to this article in The Atlantic.  Not that I needed an article to prove it. (On a side note my sweetheart moves to Denver in a week)

5. Seven reasons 2013 was the year of JLaw.  She's the best.

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