5:56:00 PM

GOOD NEWS! Today I received an email that I've been waiting a while for.  I've been accepted to a MPH program! Words can't even begin to describe how happy/relieved/excited I am.  For most of my life I've known that I wanted a career that made a positive impact in the world.  In college I became passionate about public health:  I majored in anthropology so I could understand different cultural perspectives on health and healing, I studied abroad through a community health and social program in South Africa, and wrote my senior thesis on constructions of body and disease on notions of HPV and cervical cancer.  I took a little bit of a detour from chasing my dreams-going to law school.  After a few months in, I realized that it wasn't what I wanted.  Lawyers can do a lot of amazing things but I knew that I wouldn't find personal fulfillment working as an attorney.  It just felt so wrong for me.  After a year of reflecting I quit and decided to pursue my passion.  I've been anxiously awaiting to hear from admissions committees and I'm thrilled to get into one of my top choices.  All day I've been giddy.  I'm so excited to take the next step and get my MPH!

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