Friendship Bracelets

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From ages 13 to 20 I spent several weeks a summer as a camper and then as counselor at a great camp on a great lake.  Every summer I'd come home with a pretty awesome tan, a few too many bug bites, and stacks of friendship bracelets on each arm.  Over the past few years friendship bracelets have become pretty popular in the fashion world.  Blogs on blogs on blogs feature DIY versions and pretty options to buy.  Recently, I stumbled across these beautiful bracelets from Cooperative de Creation.

Regret Nothing Bracelet found on Zady -

All The Stars Bracelet found on Zady -

Delicate Gold Bracelet

I love that these bracelets are such a beautiful mix of playful colors and grown up metals.  They're a little out of my price range but I can't help but fall in love with their mix of textures.  According to vendor Zady:

Prior to launching Cooperative de Creation, Mathias Chaize established a jewelry label in Paris, featuring braiding, beads and fine chains that convey a bohemian sensibility, inspired by his travels to Indonesia and time spent working alongside artisans in Bali. Mélanie Morin, was working in Paris as a fashion designer when the two first met. “We fell in love, packed their bags and moved to Bali to realize our dreams: to live and work in a peaceful place. Then we decided to combine creativity and vision. It was the perfect symbiosis for Cooperative de Creation."
How cool is that? I would love to be able to pack up and move to such a beautiful place like Bali.  Maybe someday :) You can check out these beautiful bracelets here.

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