Apartment Hunting Part 2

4:47:00 PM

So I promised I would provide updates on the apartment search.  Last week Steve and I visited 3 different buildings in Capitol Hill and we fell in love with the neighborhood.  Lots of great restaurants, close proximity to two major city parks, and an all around great vibe.  We loved the first apartment we walked into: an old building with a lot of character.  I'm talking hardwood floors, built in bookshelves, and little vintage touches.  As much as I wanted it to be mine instantly, Steve stayed level headed and suggested we keep looking around.  Luckily we didn't dive right into signing a lease: when we returned home I looked up the leasing company and found tons of negative reviews.  They were notorious for being bad landlords (poor pest control, not taking care of broken appliances, problems with heating in the winter, etc.)  Ugh.  Although I normally take bad reviews with a grain of salt, the quantity and extreme nature of the reviews made me a little nervous.  From my last apartment I've learned that having a responsive landlord/leasing company is important. 

Today we visited another apartment, this time in Speer/Washington Park West. It was a great apartment near one of our favorite spots but I think Steve and I are going to keep looking. There are still so many options in the neighborhoods we love that I don't feel the need to settle quite yet.  Since we plan on moving in June, I have a feeling that we'll find the right place in the next few weeks.

Any suggestions for apartment hunting?

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