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2:12:00 PM

How is it possible that a short work week can feel so long? I'm exhausted and so ready for a laid back weekend.  Tonight I'm going with my brother to see the new X-Men movie. The rest of the weekend will probably involve sleeping and organizing my things in preparation for the big move. What are you up to?

RIP Maya Angelou, an inspirational and talented woman through and through

Some clever ideas for apartment kitchens

So inspired by the Riffle Paper Co. wallpaper collection

New styles added to the sale section at Madewell.  Wishing for this scarf, these shoes, and this dress.

Amazing response pieces to the shooting incident in California: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Perfect shoes for summer

Wanting to try this spicy ginger lemonade

The work of installation artist Rebecca Louise Law is breathtaking (see below)


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