For the love of dance.

5:53:00 AM

I have a huge level of respect for dancers. The amount of training, discipline, and athleticism it takes to be a professional dancer is immense. In high school and part of college I danced. I'm not your traditional "trained from the age of 3" type. I found my way into it because it was the only art program that fit into my schedule my freshman year and ended up falling in love with it. Modern dance was my bread and butter. Ballet on the other hand was always my least favorite unit because it was so rigorous and so technical. When I look at ballet dancers I see so much power and skill. They have agility, stamina, and strength while making it look effortless. It takes so much dedication and talent to be a ballet dancer.

Recently I stumbled upon this video and had to share it. Ballet-dancers from the Washington Ballet share their hardest moves. Absolutely breathtaking.

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