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Exciting news in the world of professional sports, lacrosse, and feminism.  Devon Wills will be the first female to play in Major League Lacrosse.  The best part (and is feminism in it's purest form) is that she got the spot on the team based on her sheer talent.  Gender didn't matter.  She's a fantastic goalie and she fairly beat out others competing for the same position.  The more I read about her the more inspired I am by her. Oh and she's from Denver.  I think I'll have to go to the Denver Outlaws v. Long Island Lizards game June 14th.

Her story resonates with me on several levels.  When I was a sophomore in high school I hit a rough spot: I got in a major fight with two of my best friends (since then we've made up), was really struggling academically at my all girl's prep school, and felt very out of place. My gym teacher, who was also the JV lacrosse coach, reached out to me during gym class one day and told me that the lacrosse team needed a goalie and that she thought that I'd be great at it. Within two weeks she gave me all of the gear I would need and began teaching me the basic of the sport. She sent me home with old school tapes of NCAA championship games. She drove me to my first winter league practice after school. When it came to the team trip to Florida which at the time my family couldn't afford, she was able to get me scholarship money from the school to pay for most of my trip. My first season was rough but I stuck it out and ended up being a top high school goalie in the state of Ohio my senior year and went on to play lacrosse in college. How does my experience relate to the experience of this fantastic athlete who is 10x more talented than I could be? The fact that the Long Island Lizards saw her potential, her talent and athleticism and gave her to opportunity to play. My experience with lacrosse was such a profound and important part of shaping who I am. To have someone believe in me, to work with me, and to celebrate my successes with me was huge.  I can't even imagine how excited she is to take on this role.  Sure she's had an insanely successful career but to be a professional athlete? HUGE accomplishment.  To have a professional sports franchise believe so strongly in her talents and her abilities is inspirational and meaningful.  Having an athlete like Devon Wills make it to the big leagues and to be able to play a professional sport dominated by men based on her athletic talents is incredible.  As a feminist, a woman, and a former lacrosse player, I am in awe of her skills and abilities and thankful that an MLL team is giving her an opportunity to highlight her talents on the turf.  Can't wait to see her make some saves at Mile High Stadium.

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