Things I Love: Orange Lipstick

6:03:00 PM

I'm a sucker for great lip products.  Lipstick, lip pencils, stains, tinted balms, you name it, I'll try it.   In my early days of experimenting with beauty products (middle school/high school era) I was terrified of bright lip colors.  Eye shadow, well that's a different story but I digress.  I was all about neutral pinks with maybe a little bit of sparkle.  Oh and always lip gloss.  I guess the logic behind that was a combination of pursuing an age appropriate choice/ and being influenced by early 2000's fashion.  By the time I arrived at college I was ready to try something new: bright red.  A cat eye and red pout was my go-to for a Saturday night.  My foray into this bold new world led me to realize that there were so many bright colors that would work on my skin tone.  My new favorite? Orange. 

Yes. Orange can be so classy.  Also depending on the shade it can look fabulous on everybody! Don't believe me? Look at these pictures:



Amazing right? So perfect for summer! I'll be wearing the Bite Beauty Matte Creme Pencil in Blood Orange all season long.  Would you wear orange lipstick?

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  1. Wow, it looks awesome, orange lipstick looks that cool, I never knew. Will be passing the blog with my circle, thanks for sharing it with us