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Hello friends! This month is going to be hectic.  Today we started the process of moving into our new place.  We are getting our mattress delivered tomorrow and will be doing various trips up throughout the week.  It's nice moving in the same city instead of across the country (been there, done that).  Next week I leave for Copenhagen and towards the end of the month I'm heading to Chicago for work.  At the end of the month two of my college besties are coming to celebrate my birthday.  So please forgive me for limited posting over the month of July. 

This made my day :)

A great piece about being an escort at a clinic.

Love this body positive comic.

A Tumblr of princesses (both real and imagined) and bad ass women from history that probably wouldn't be great as a Disney adaptation.

Justice Ginsburg is my hero.

So is George Takei.

I love chia seed pudding and this version looks delicious.

My new favorite blog to follow.

 Sparkler session

P.S. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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