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I don't know about you but I'm itching to get a few new outfits into my rotation for spring.  Since the move, I've been organizing my closet and as a result I've been going through all my clothes.  I've realized that all I want for this spring and summer are simple maxi dresses/maxi skirts to wear on the daily.  I recently stumbled upon the perfect dress with a not so perfect price tag...


Simply put, this maxi dress is amazing.  The indigo and white tie-dye makes this dress perfect for every summer event: backyard parties, a day at the beach, a night on the town.  Dress it up or dress it down.  Wear it with flats, sandals, or heels depending on the occasion.  I'd wear it at least once a week.  However, as grad school student this dress doesn't realistically fit in my budget. Womp. Womp.


Luckily, there are similar dresses on the market with a more budget friendly price point!  This dress has a similar aesthetic and is a solid 95 dollars cheaper than the Anthro version. Win-Win!

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