Return of the Bangs

4:37:00 PM

A long, long time ago I had bangs.  When I was a freshman in high school I asked my fabulous and talented young stylist Michael to do whatever.  He gave me straight across Cleopatra bangs and I was enamored with my hair. Throughout high school and my early college years I had some variation of bangs whether side swept, grown out, or brow skimming.  More recently I've tended to gravitate towards more simple layers and bangs have fallen to the wayside.  When I scheduled a cut at my neighborhood salon two blocks from me (city living I love you) I decided I wanted to do something drastically different.  I've been in a rut and have wanted something fresh and new.  When pursuing my pinterest board for some inspo I had a sudden desire for bangs.  Here's the inspiration that I've had on my board since the beginning of pinterest (seriously, back when you had to wait a week between signing up and creating an account).

bob with bangs 

I wanted to go for mid-length hair with brow skimming bangs.  Something that can be sleek for work or a little messy on weekends. Here's the final result.

What I ended up getting was a bob which was way shorter than what I expected.  This seems to be the common dilemma when cutting hair.  You agree with the stylist that your hair should graze your collar bone but then in reality it barely touches your shoulders.  However hair grows, shocker I know, and in a month or two it will be a length I'm 100% happy with.  It kind of looks a little like this which means it will look awesome with all the hats I've acquired.

 Adorable bob:

However I love the bangs!  We'll see how much I love them when I hit snooze a few too many times and I don't have time to wash and blow dry my hair but for now I'm smitten.

Do you rock bangs? Any favorite products for keeping your bangs looking great? Also how does this look? Is it a bowl cut which is what I thought once I realized how short my stylist cut it?  Eek. I'd love your feedback in the comments.

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