Done! Done! Done!

1:53:00 PM

It's official! I'm a Master of Public Health.  I presented my capstone, wrote a bunch of papers and finally graduated! It feels surreal to be done with school forever, unless I lose my mind and decide that I really need that PhD in Medical Anthropology.  I'm beyond thankful for all the support I've had the last two years.  I've made some incredible friends, worked at some fantastic places, and have learned so much. 

The next step is securing a big-girl job. But until then, I'm going to keep the celebrations going and enjoy a vacation next week with Steve, his sister, and her boyfriend.  We're hoping to go on a bunch of hikes, take them to some of our favorite Denver spots, and have a fun-filled week.

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  1. Congratulations on your graduation. Graduation is really a big day for every single person, it honestly gives us the feeling of success and happiness and yes a very proud feeling to parents.