Anything but Generic Sofa

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I religiously follow interior design genius Emily Henderson's blog. Her ideas are brilliant, the photos are gorgeous, and her writing style is equal parts hilarious and heart warming.  All the way back in January of 2015, she wrote a post about the generic sofa.  There in the round up of boring, sad sofas were several that looked pretty similar to my own.   Flashback to 2012, I had gotten a sleeper sofa for my apartment in St. Louis from a place called Weekends Only Furniture Warehouse that was literally only open Friday-Sunday.  Apparently only being open on weekends meant they could charge less for furniture. Interesting model right? Anyways, I had bought an affordable tan option because I was fresh out of college, in grad school, and needed something for my living room that wasn't totally ridiculous.  Tan was a safe choice: I was going to be living in apartments for an unknown amount of time and tan just goes with everything. That couch came with me from St. Louis to Denver and got plenty of use in my apartments. Because it was tan it was easy to dress up with pretty pillows or a fun throw every time I switched places. But once I moved into the house it was particularly sad and disheveled. We have 2 extra bedrooms that could be used for guests so we don't need an extra heavy sleeper sofa in the living room. Especially one that is painfully uncomfortable because the seats were losing their structure.  No one wants excruciating back pain from Netflix bingeing.

Look at those sad saggy seats.

I was ready to wait a very, very long time to invest in a new sofa. However, as a very generous birthday/graduation gift, my mom decided to relieve me from my painful, sad couch and took me to pick out a new sofa.

Behold. My brand new sofa.  I took the plunge and went for a beautiful, rich, navy color. This bad boy is anything but boring.  It's velvety and feels so soft.  It adds a dramatic pop of color to my very neutral house. It's everything I ever wanted in a sofa. I think Emily would be proud with my couch selection. 

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  1. Congratulations on your graduation and getting a new sofa! You are lucky to have this as your graduation gift. It really looks nice and elegant in your living room and enhnaced the look.