8:04:00 PM

I have numerous succulents around my house and the collection keeps growing.  Our sunny little house is the perfect place to grow plants.  They've been thriving despite my brown thumb.  To house all my little succulents, I've been gathering adorable containers.  I recently stumbled upon this clever pig planter.

How cute is it?! The answer is totes adorbs.

You can find it from FruitFlyPie on Etsy for $34.  It would be a perfect housewarming gift or a treat yo self purchase.  They also carry piggie planters in numerous other bold shades.  Any other cute sources for planters? Share in the comments section!

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  1. Oh WOW! I really like this.. where did you get it from? I am sure your other collections are also amazing, so do share those with us too. Looking 4ward!