Small Things

1:24:00 PM

I've thought about doing a round up each week of the small things that have made me smile, brought me joy, or given me hope.  After all, it's important to savor the little things in life and that IS the point of this blog. This week was my birthday and there were definitely small things and great love :)

My best friend bought me a stunning bouquet from Farm Girl Flowers for my birthday.

My mom treated me to a desperately needed haircut for my birthday. Chopped a ton off and I love it! Thanks Clementine's

Apparently adding salt & lime a la Corona is the hot trend in craft beer.  The El Gose from Avery Brewing Co is the perfect beer for a hot day.

My local coffee shop baristas now recognize me and know my order. Their coffee is fantastic and the quiche I had this morning was excellent! Check out Huckleberry Roasters if you're in the Denver area.

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  1. Many happy returns of the day, leah, even though im sure im wishing you late. But, seems like your birthday did turn out to be a special one after all. Cheers. :D