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It's been forever since I've last posted.  Frankly, my life has been crazy busy.  Here's a recap of my most recent trip to New York.

I arrived in New York via plane and had to brave the infamous subways to get to my friends' apartment in Greenpoint.  I miraculously managed to navigate public transportation which is impressive because I've never lived in a city where public transit is so crucial. Definitely patted myself on the back. After arriving at their very cute apartment, my friends and I  had a relaxing night enjoying tapas and wine at Brooklyn Winery.  The appetizers were delicious and it was so hard to choose between all of the small plate options.  I ordered the sweet potato and chickpea falafel and shared some of the broiled goat cheese and crispy brussels sprouts with friends.  I highly recommend all three!  If I go back (I hope I go back, miss you NY), I'd also like to try the seared diver scallops. It was a great space to just catch up with my friends and enjoy some wine.  If you're in the neighborhood you should check it out.  After our meal we did some people watching in the park where I got to see an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline.

My first real day in New York was jam-packed with exploring.  Since it was my first time in the city I felt compelled to walk around and get my bearings.  After a nice walk around Greenpoint with my friend, I took the subway to Grand Central Station.  Being at Grand Central station was overwhelming to say the least.  I'd seen it in movies what feels like a million times so it was crazy to be there in person.   I ended up visiting MoMA first and absolutely loved it.  If you love art museums it's definitely a must see.  After MoMA was a trip to Magnolia Cupcakes, 30 Rock, and Times Square.  Magnolia cupcakes live up to their hype: their buttercream frosting was unreal and the cakes were so fluffy.

Grand Central Station

 My favorite work of art at MoMA

Magnolia cupcakes

Hello Greenpoint


 Monet at MoMA

Ladies on the Lower Eastside
Day 2:

On the second day of my whirlwind trip to New York, my friend and I started off the morning with a trip to Brooklyn Artists and Fleas, a fantastic market with a vast collection of vendors selling jewelry, clothes, and home accessories.  I ended up buying a simple pair of skull earrings (they're classy, I promise) from Marina Pecoraro and a white and gold necklace. After our shopping trip, we were off to the Met.  Let me begin by saying that going to the Met has been on my bucket list for forever.  I was lucky to see Punk: Chaos to Couture, an exhibit about the roots of the punk movement and it's influence on popculture and fashion.  I also feel in love with Street.  According to the write up by the Met:

Over the course of a week in September 2011, Nares—a New Yorker since 1974—recorded sixteen hours of footage of people on the streets of Manhattan from a moving car using a high-definition camera usually used to record fast-moving subjects such as speeding bullets and hummingbirds. He then greatly slowed his source material, editing down the results to one hour of steady, continuous motion and scoring it with music for twelve-string guitar composed and performed by his friend Thurston Moore, co-founder of Sonic Youth.
Something as simple as raindrops, the zippers on a backpack moving, or someone tossing a cigarette butt were beautiful and meaningful.  Street has left the Met but if anything by James Nares is being shown at a museum near you please go see it.  After the Met we went back to Williamsburg to enjoy the Pescado (fish) tacos at Rosarito Fish Shack.  I highly recommend checking out Rosarito, it was a great space with delicious food.  Later that evening, I met up with a friend for a late dinner at Mrs. Kim's, a Korean fusion restaurant with incredible menu options.  If you're in Williamsburg or in Greenpoint, you should check out either place. 

cute skull earrings from Marina Pecoraro

H and I enjoying some fish tacos at Rosarito

All in all it was a wonderful trip.  I got to check several major points of my bucket list and enjoy some incredible cuisine.  I loved New York and I can't wait to go back and visit my friends again.

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