Coffee Table Styling

3:25:00 PM

Earlier this spring, I bought a beautiful marble top coffee table off a friend who was moving out of state after graduation. I miss her a lot but the coffee table is a nice reminder of fun times hanging out in her cute and cozy Cap Hill apartment.  If you follow me on Pinterest, it's clear I have a thing for marble. It adds a luxe touch to everything! Although my living room is still in progress (a new couch is ordered and should be delivered by the end of the month), I'm happy with the coffee table and the way it's currently styled.

I added a gilded tray from Target to collect all the miscellaneous remotes and coasters. A deck of pretty cards is ready to roll for an impromptu round of Kings or Spit. Plus I added the beautiful photo album I received as a birthday gift. There's something to be said about actually looking at physically printed pictures rather than swiping through your iPhone photos.

A cute little succulent adds some greenery and depth to the vignette. I'm obsessed with this little jade plant and the container it is in. I bought it from Honeycomb & Co., a local florist and interior design store.  I stopped in on my birthday and they gave me the succulent for free!

Although there currently isn't a candle on the table, I have a turkish bowl filled with pretty matchbooks for when I do want to create ambiance or just get rid of the dog stink that I'm sure is present in our house but I just can't smell because I'm used to it.

This year's coffee table book rotation? A guide to traveling in the Southwest and Rocky Mountains, a PostSecret book, and of course a book about infectious diseases. We are health professionals after all.

Like anything part of my house, I have a tendency to rearrange when things feel boring or stale. For now, I'm loving the way the living room is coming together and I'm happy with the current coffee table styling.

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  1. You are a pro in decorating the table and you have decorated the coffee table so nicely. I just love how creative you are. Great work