New Year Resolutions

4:38:00 PM

Happy 2014!  I wish you a fabulous and wonderful New Year! With the arrival of 2014, it's now time to think of new years resolutions.  I tend to stay away from goals that I feel are too impossible for me to actually achieve. This year, I'm trying to accomplish simple but important goals:

1) To branch out, network, and make more friends in Denver.  Moving to a new city and joining the working world has made me realize how challenging it is to make friends when you aren't in school. My goal is to use meetup groups and community service opportunities to meet other young folks living in Denver.

2) To be financially competent.  I want to be smarter with my money and be better informed about finances. 

3) To read a minimum of one book a month.  Like many 20-somethings, I spend A LOT of time on Netflix.  I love reading and need to get back into the habit of reading for fun.  

What are your resolutions this year?