Gifts For: Your Mom the Executive

2:32:00 PM

My mom has a pretty hectic schedule as an executive.  She travels a lot, works late hours and is constantly in meetings, yet she is always there for my brother and I.  Whether or not your mom is an executive, all mom's love gifts that make their lives easier and feel luxurious.  Here are some suggestions for all the moms in your life.

A soft pashmina is perfect way to stay warm in a cold conference room or on a trip.  My mom always keeps one in her purse or laptop bag.  If your mom travels all the time, I highly suggest giving her a L.L Bean tote bag.  It's a perfect carry on bag, great for road trips, rugged and classic.  Other great gifts include a pretty printed cosmetics case (which is multipurpose: it can be used for cosmetics, wrangling electronics, or first aid supplies) a bright luggage tag so she can easily identify her black rolly bag, and a travel sized lotion in a luxurious scent to keep in her purse or backpack.  A high-end nail polish in a neutral color is a luxurious gift (but only if she paints her nails).  Bkr water bottles are also awesome.  These glass water bottles have silicone covers that come in beautiful colors.  Unlike other water bottles, they are dishwasher safe and don't have that yucky plastic taste. A gorgeous printed tray is perfect for displaying jewelry or organizing a desk. 

The biggest thing to remember when buying gifts is to remember it's the thought that counts! Finding something that is practical and makes your loved one happy is what you're aiming for. 

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