Gifts for: The Newlyweds (Or the Recently Engaged)

5:41:00 PM

This year, so many people in my life have either gotten married or engaged.  When thinking of thoughtful gifts for newlyweds or the recently engaged, I immediately gravitated to home goods that were both practical and fun.  I love the idea of a picnic basket: it's a great choice for couples who enjoy spending time outside.  A picnic is a romantic and easy date and a picnic basket makes it both easier and more glamorous.  For the couple that travels, a scratch off map is a perfect way to commemorate trips taken together.  Another wonderful idea is a great smelling candle for romantic nights in.  A ring dish is both sentimental and practical: it serves as a place to always put your ring so you never lose it (Side note: I LOVE that it comes in "Mr. & Mrs.", "Mr. & Mr." and "Mrs. & Mrs.").  Give the homebodies you know the coziest throw for watching movies together on the couch.  Agate coasters are equal parts practical and pretty.  If all else fails, a set of gilded letter mugs are a winning choice.  You can buy a set with letters with their initials or you can buy a several that spell out a sweet word (LOVE, XOXO, or any other meaningful word).

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