How Do You Wind Down?

8:39:00 PM

My life has seemed like a blur of school, work, and crazy life circumstances the last few years.  I feel like I'm counting down the minutes until I finish my masters, drop my two part-time jobs for a full-time job with benefits (it's all about the bennies) and finally find some down time on weekends.  I barely remember what it looks like to come home of Friday and not have 3 papers to work on.  To read a book for pleasure? Feels like a distant dream.  Seriously, I never have time to actually give the apartment a scrub down because all I end up doing is studying and attempting to have a social life.  Social life component often fails too because I'm a broke grad school student and I know that I should be working on that damn paper looming over my head.  Ugh.  So as I try to unwind with a glass of wine, I ask you dear readers, how do you wind down? When every minute of every day is scheduled, how do you find you time?

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