Thank you Mommy (and all the other Moms in my life)

1:57:00 PM

I am insanely blessed to be surrounded by strong, smart, caring, funny, and passionate women.  I'm so lucky to have a supportive mom who continues to take care of me and nurture me as I find my way as an adult.  I have a wonderful step mom who I can't imagine my life without.  My auntie, who I think of as the sister I never had, constantly makes me giggle and is my best friend.   I have grandmothers who both played a major role in raising me.  I love all of these women as well as so many other mother like figures in my life.  Thanks mom(s) for being there for me and being all around wonderful human beings :)

My beautiful mom at her law school graduation

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  1. Aw, I love seeing all the mother-daughter photos from mother's day. This one beyond cute! I'm loving the bow :)
    xx Ani @ The Ani Project