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In the process of moving, I realized that the only magnets I had for our fridge were LOLCATZ poetry magnets.  Hilarious, but not practical for actually keeping things on the fridge.  Since our apartment is cozy (i.e. small) we try to utilize all space options.  We have hook magnets on the side of the fridge for my apron and oven mitts. In addition to a few clip magnets, I wanted something that had personality but that was also strong enough to hold up concert tickets, bills, and other important pieces of paper (so they don't get lost on the counter).  Enter Social Print Studio: a fantastic company that turns your instagram pictures into magnets, greeting cards, stickers, and art.  BRILLIANT.  I logged into my instagram account on their website, chose the product I wanted to make (square magnets), and picked a few of my favorite pictures.  It was so easy! Plus their prices are pretty reasonable.  I know where I'll be going to buy personalized Christmas gifts for all my loved ones. 

 Our fridge!

If you're looking for a fun gift or a way to incorporate all of those beautiful filtered pictures in your life, you should check out Social Print Studio.

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